Korčula is a stunning medieval town, situated on the island of the same name.

The tiny Old Town sits on a limestone promontory straight out of a fairy tale. In times past, the Old Town was encircled by high limestone walls. Today you can walk on their remains – there is a promenade that goes all around the Old Town, and you can make a full circle in fifteen minutes. If you really are slow. Since you’re already here, take a look at the well-preserved towers that still today look out for danger coming from the sea.

For centuries Korčula was controlled by Venice, as was almost all of Dalmatia. The end of the Venetian territory was in fact to be found here – the Old Town was the last Venetian stronghold. If you are still strolling on that promenade, you can see the mainland a stone’s throw away – just opposite the Old Town. On the other side, there is the Pelješac Peninsula that once formed part of the Dubrovnik Republic. The channel between the Pelješac Peninsula and Korčula Island was all that geographically separated the two Republics – Venice and Dubrovnik. But nobody can see the border there! We are all watching the windsurfers! Today the channel is famous for windsurfing – thanks to the wind called the maestral. This same wind will save you from the summer heat. It starts to blow at noon on the dot. Yes, of course, sometimes it’s a little bit late…

Korčula’s golden age was the 15th and the early 16th centuries, when most of its palaces and main buildings were constructed. St. Mark’s Cathedral is a masterpiece from that period. Everywhere you look, you’ll find limestone carvings – above doors, all around windows, on columns and balconies… You’re in the cradle of stone masonry. In Korčula, Gothic-Renaissance is omnipresent…

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