City Walls Tour

This is a sightseeing tour from above. You’ll walk the City Walls as if you’re walking on the roof of the world.

The gargantuan walls completely enclose the Old Town, creating an architectural frame dotted with forts, bastions, and monolithic fortresses. That’s exactly why you’re dreaming about Dubrovnik! And this Dubrovnik walking tour is about your dream. So, join us on one of the most grandiose fortification monuments in Europe, and let’s have fun! We guarantee you an experience you won’t get anywhere else, and delight which will grip you for days…

975,00 HRK (130 €) base price + 270,00 HRK (36 €) per person


2,5 hours

Tour days:
every day


Not included: insurance policy


Start time:
any time

Meeting Point: Pile, in front of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Croatian


Included: guiding services, entrance fee to the Dubrovnik City Walls

St. Lawrence Fortress

Our tour starts at Pile Gate, the western entrance into the Old Town. Firstly, we’ll take a short flight of steps down into the street of the St. George chapel, to suddenly find ourselves in a sleepy inlet. Then we’ll climb a long flight of steps to the St. Lawrence Fortress, built on a 37 metre high rock. It’s a detached fortress, dubbed the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik. And it’s one of the favourite venues for open-air theatre, especially for the performance of Hamlet, during the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. From the top of the St. Lawrence Fortress, you’ll see the City Walls from an unexpected perspective. And your eyes will be bombarded with gorgeous views over the big blue sea…

Revelin Fortress

Our route will lead us beneath the western and northern walls. In fact, we’ll find ourselves at the foot of the scarp wall. Can you imagine a moat here? In the 15th century, the City Walls were reinforced with bastions along the long sides and stout forts at the corners. On the land side, the wall is 4 to 6 metres thick. Finally, we reach the strongest fortress, Revelin. You can see its sharp hip and cannon loopholes. The fortress was built in the 16th century, and it is incorporated into the eastern Ploče Gate. We’ll cross the drawbridge and enter the winding lane…

Minčeta Tower

Get ready for some steps! The walk on the City Walls involves a lot of up-and-down climbing. We’ll start from the Old Port, exploring firstly the northern wall. You’ll be surrounded by stunning views out to the blue sea and across a sea of terracotta tiles. You’ll learn about the construction of the walls, and the history of the Dubrovnik Republic. As we walk, we’ll guide you through all the major sights of the Old Town, pointing out the key elements of the Dubrovnik ingenuity. You’ll find out that it was not common to join battle from these spectacular walls, and that a large chain was pulled across between the St. John Fortress and St. Luke Tower to prevent enemy vessels from entering the Old Port. We’ll climb the Minčeta Tower, the symbol of the impregnable city, and the highest point of the walls…

A lot of positive energy

The City Walls’ energy is hard to describe. Probably, you’ll get emotional with a whole myriad of breathtaking views. The frontal perspective of the main street, Stradun, a place to see and be seen, is simply magic…

On this Dubrovnik walking tour, you’ll make a full circle of the City Walls, you’ll be spoiled by all the great views over the Old Town, you’ll glimpse hidden courtyards, cloisters and terraces, and you’ll also exercise your leg muscles.

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