Running  Dubrovnik Old Town
8 km

You will run within the walls of the Old Town as if you’re running in a living museum.

Jump at this rare opportunity to experience empty limestone streets in the morning light, with views straight out of a fairy tale…

750,00 HRK (100 €) base price + 90,00 HRK (12 €) per person


Duration & Pace:
1h30 / individual

Difficulty & Distance:
easy / moderate,
8 km

What to bring: running gear & water

Start time:
every day, from April to November at 7 am at the latest, from November to April at any time

Meeting Point: Pile, Brsalje 5, in front of the main entrance to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Office
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian

Included: pressed orange juice, a smiling running guide & commentary

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the run.


Dubrovnik Old Town running tour
Running the Pearl of the Adriatic

This running tour starts at Pile Gate, the western entrance into the Old Town. But we’re not going to enter – yet! Let’s first catch sight of the St. Lawrence Fortress, built on a 37 metre high rock. Mamma mia, this is the Gibraltar of Dubrovnik! A little bit further on, there are the Boninovo Cliffs that will take your breath away… all right, now we will fly back to the Old Town in no time.

Running the Croatian Athens

After crossing the wooden drawbridge of Pile Gate, you’ll be struck by the shininess of the limestone of the main street, Placa, commonly known as Stradun. It’s so shiny your running shoes can see their faces in it. The Stradun starts and finishes with fountains, the Large Onofrian Fountain and the Small Onofrian Fountain. There you can drink or fill your water bottle. We’ll pass the Church of the Holy Saviour and the Franciscan Monastery, and start to climb the steps of one of fourteen steep streets leading to the northern wall. All of a sudden, a basketball court leaps into view! Wow! Minčeta Tower stands tall behind it.

The run continues beneath the city walls, through narrow streets where laundry is hung out to dry. We’ll pass through the Buža Gate (literally the hole in the wall) to run also along the outside wall and to understand better the Revelin Fortress whose main function was to protect the town against attack from the land. From the Ploče Gate, we’ll run in the direction of the most famous Dubrovnik beach, Banje, passing Lazarretti, a former quarantine hospital. Further on, beyond the Hotel Excelsior and the Hotel Argentina, there is the Monastery of St. James with amazing views back towards the Old Town…

Run, but also stop to admire Dubrovnik cats

Let’s get back to Ploče Gate, the eastern entrance into the Old Town. After the stone bridge, we’ll pass the Dominican Monastery to enter the picturesque Old Port. The three archways are all that remain of the former arsenal, the most vulnerable part when it comes to the defence of the town. Today, the arsenal is a favourite place for cats that look indifferently at the colourful tourist crowds. The Cathedral, the Rector’s Palace, Luža Square, the Church of St. Blaise, patron saint of Dubrovnik, the Sponza Palace, the Orlando column – on this sighrunning tour, you’ll not only see all the major sights of the Old Town, but you’ll also find out why the Dubrovnik Republic was a city-state far ahead of its time. By the way, why was it?

Ahead of the colourful tourist crowds

The last part of this running tour includes the 16th-century town residences of the Dubrovnik aristocracy, the Jesuit steps, and the former Benedictine convent of St. Mary turned into… flats. The run will finish at our meeting point, Pile Gate, just before the flocks of tourists attempt to get into the Old Town. Wait! How about one for the road? There’s a nice bar here with freshly pressed orange juice…

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