Tales of the Unexpected

This is a different tour, designed to reveal the other side of Dubrovnik, and thus breathe life into its history.
You will walk within the walls of the Old Town as if you’re walking in the theatre – the whole of the Old Town takes the stage, and you’ll be put right in the thick of it. Or, let’s put it like this – this Dubrovnik walking tour is all about bringing streets, houses, churches, squares, even windows to vivid and vibrant life right before your eyes. When you are good and ready, let’s go for a walk.

750,00 HRK (100 €) base price + 45,00 HRK (6 €) per person


1,5 hours

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
any time

Meeting Point: Pile, in front of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Croatian


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Lizard on the St. Lawrence Fortress

Our Dubrovnik walking tour starts at Pile Gate, the western entrance into the Old Town. But we’re not going to enter – yet! Firstly, we’ll take a short flight of steps down into the street of the St. George chapel, to suddenly find ourselves in a sleepy, tiny inlet. In the 19th century, this was an industrial part of the town, with weavers’ and tanners’ workshops. The massive St. Lawrence Fortress looms large above us. During the days of the Republic, seven bronze cannons lay basking on the fortress. The most famous cannon had the name of the Lizard. The Lizard fell into the sea…

Street names bear witness to the City’s magnificent past

Our tour continues with us clambering up the streets to the north of the main street, Placa, commonly known as Stradun. On both sides of the windows, you’ll see the protruding stone struts with holes pierced in them, a feature of many houses here, but for what purpose? We’ll pass the miniature Church of the Transfiguration (Sigurata) which forms part of the Women’s Franciscan Monastery. As we climb, the view filtered through rubber-plant leaves opens up. Finally, we reach the highest street, Peline, whose name comes from a word for a skinner. The houses in this part of the town were once reserved for artisans, to which the street names still bear witness…

We’ll let you in on a secret

We’ll take you to the most ancient part of the town where in early times a citadel existed. The former Benedictine convent of St. Mary was turned into… flats. The area looks pretty on a sunny day, but if the southerly wind is blowing, it can seem rather gloomy. During the days of the Republic, the Senate did not sit in session on days with a southerly wind. It was believed that the southerly wind had a bad effect on a person’s mental balance, thus even the Senate would wait until it blew itself out…

The last part of this Dubrovnik walking tour includes the 16th-century town residences of the Dubrovnik aristocracy…

On this tour, we’ll scratch below the surface to give you an insight into the town, and we’ll delve into the backstreets full of steps, hidden courtyards, and offbeat places. You’ll find out the meaning of many street names, you’ll see things that you might easily pass by, and you’ll discover the town away from the well-trodden tourist trails.

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