Defora Coves


On this hike we’ll reach some of the most remote beaches on the island. No one will bother us there.

The word ‘defora’ means outside of something, like the outer parts, and more precisely, that is the name the local people gave to the jagged southeastern shore of Korčula Island.
Accessible only on foot – by hiking on steep narrow paths, or by sailing into craggy coves, the Defora beaches are our little slice of heaven. The sea is there the deepest shade of turquoise, and therefore this tour is your best bet for hiking and dipping your toes in paradise.

1.200,00 HRK (160 €) base price + 495,00 HRK (66 €) per person


Duration & Difficulty:
7 h / moderate

14 km


What to bring: hiking shoes, swimsuit, towel, water and a smile


Start time:
every day at 9 am

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian


Included: guiding services, private transportation from Korčula to Žrnovo, and from Žrnovo to Korčula, homely lunch

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the hike.
• Hiking sticks are available at no extra cost.
• Please advise us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
• Vegetarian menu available.

Korčula coves

You’ll see Lastovo Island away to the south

Our Defora loop hike starts in a car – we’ll be transferred to the village of Žrnovo, located inland, just 4 km from Korčula Town. From here, we’ll start to follow an ancient path that goes up passing small dry stone houses before heading over into a delightful undergrowth. When the bushes become more sparse, the path bends left and leads southeastwards, offering an amazing view of Lastovo Island.

Bratinja Luka and Orlanduša

Our first objective is to reach Bratinja Luka, a hidden cove, protected from all winds, with a lovely pebble beach. In fact, Bratinja Luka is a part of a larger double bay, consisting of two peaceful beaches, the western part, going deeper inland, is called Bratinja Luka, and the eastern part, enclosed by terraces of dry stone walls, is Orlanduša.
How about rushing down? There is a shady path carved out by rainwater, literally through Mediterranean shrubs. In fact, Mother Nature has made something that resembles a small gulch here. In a while, and out of the blue, we’ll be enveloped by the green of lush vegetation…

Hiking Tour Korčula coves

A finger-licking good lunch

After taking a dip in the turquoise sea, we’ll have lunch in a tavern at the top of the hill. But where did you see a tavern? Search me.
The dish of the day consists of locally grown food, a homely atmosphere, and a good cup of herbal tea. You couldn’t wish for more. But seriously, there is more – our other bite of the cherry is Pavja Luka beach.

Pavja Luka

From the tavern, there is a wonderful path leading to Pavja Luka, a fairytale cove with a miniature beach, and rocky slabs off to the side of the beach. The path couldn’t be narrower, descending slightly through dense bushes. We’ll need about half an hour to reach the pebbly beach with almost no-one on it. When you see vineyards, we’re there. The beach has vineyards and dry stone walls as its backdrop. It’s simply stunning. If you want to see the whole of this incredibly divine setting, you’ll have to jump into the sea and swim towards the jagged entrance to the cove…

Hike with a happy ending

Sorry, we can’t tarry here. It’s time to go back. Firstly, we’ll retrace our steps to the vineyards before the beach, and from there we’ll start to walk uphill. Yes, we know, this is the most difficult part of the hike today. The path meanders among dense vegetation. We’re in shade, but there is no view at all. The ascent is strenuous and magical at the same time. Just one hour more, and you’ll be rewarded with the breathtaking view over the open sea. And the very last part of this tour includes a smooth descent to Žrnovo village…

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