Pelješac In a Bottle

If you want to taste the sun, we’ll show you our place under the sun cubed!

You’ll drink the finest nectars of Croatia, you’ll eat like a winemaker, and you’ll meet local families that live, breathe and produce wine of exceptional quality.
On the steep southern slopes of the Pelješac Peninsula, there is an outstanding wine-growing location called Dingač. It’s known as the place under three suns. That means that the vines cultivated here receive a triple insolation. In other words, Dingač wine is pure solar energy in liquid form.

3.450,00 HRK (460 €) base price + 900,00 HRK (120 €) per person


6h 30min

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
11:30 am

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: private transportation (ferry + air-conditioned car or minivan), guiding services, winemaker’s late lunch, wine tasting, wine tasting, wine tasting

Dingač wine is a real ‘red monster’, robust and with strong legs

Anyone yearning for a top quality wine experience need look no further than this tour. And no matter whether you want to change the starting point, or have your own wine itinerary built from scratch, we can customise this tour to suit different interests and needs.
But let’s imagine that you are in Korčula right now! Firstly, we’ll take a boat to cross the channel between the island and the mainland. From the seashore of Orebić, we’ll drive uphill towards the village of Potomje, which is in the centre of an important wine-growing area. There, we’ll look for the tunnel that penetrates the rocky hillside, facing the sea, very narrow, and leading directly to the heart of the Dingač vineyards. Before the tunnel was dug, in 1973, sure-footed donkeys trudged up and over the hill to carry the grapes. When you are good and ready, let’s drive through the tunnel and enter the magic world of Dingač! In this rocky terrain, you’ll see vineyards planted on vertiginous slopes of 45 degrees. The harvesting here seems more suited to mountain climbers. The vineyards are surrounded by dry stone walls that retain the warmth of the vines and protect against soil erosion. To do the same work, a winemaker at the Dingač vineyards will need three hours more than a winemaker in an ‘ordinary’ vineyard. But the end result is worth it! Dingač wine was the first Croatian wine to be internationally protected by the Geneva Convention in 1964 (vintage 1961).
And now, a homely winemaker’s lunch is on the agenda! Admit it, we’ve worked up enough of an appetite. It’s time to meet a Dingač wine producer…

Plavac Mali in Croatian translates as Small Blue in English

Dingač wine is made from the Plavac Mali grape variety. Surprisingly, Plavac Mali is the most widely-planted red wine variety in Croatia. The name refers to the small blue grapes that the vines produce: ‘plavac’ means ‘blue’ and ‘mali’ means ‘small’. For a long time, Plavac Mali has been confused with Zinfandel, the famous Californian wine, and for good reason. On this tour, you’ll hear the romantic thriller revealing the mysterious origins of Zinfandel, you’ll find out how Plavac Mali and Zinfandel are related, and you’ll taste different top quality red wines made from the same Plavac Mali variety, but grown in completely different locations…
Finally, you’ll end up completely convinced that our wines leave nothing to be desired, on the contrary…

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