The Koče fairyland


Believe it or not, our fairies live in Koče, a special nature reserve of forest vegetation, located just 4 km from Korčula Town.

This is a downhill hiking tour, from the top of the island (569 m) to its north-eastern coast. We’ll walk down the Napoleonic Road to reach the fairyland of Koče, an intriguing place full of strangely shaped rocks, gigantic holm oaks, and lush greenery. Here you’ll feel like fairies are dancing around you. Indeed – they are.

1.050,00 HRK (140 €) base price + 255,00 HRK (34 €) per person


Duration & Difficulty:
6.5 h
easy / moderate

14 km


What to bring: hiking shoes,  water, picnic and a smile


Start time:
every day at 9 am

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian


Included: guiding services, private transportation from Korčula to Dubovo, in the middle of the island

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the hike.
• Hiking sticks are available at no extra cost.


This walk will leave you speechless

Our fairyland hike starts in a minivan – we’ll be transferred right to the middle of the island. And from here, we’ll take a step back in time to the days when motorised transport was unknown. Firstly, we’ll follow a wonderful path through Mediterranean undergrowth, strewn with cyclamens in the springtime. All at once, the path turns into a rocky dirt road. Easy now! There are wobbly stones! We’ll pass close to the highest peak of the island, without attempting to conquer it. Because it does not offer any spectacular view. Just wait a while! Let’s descend to Pupnat, a small hamlet set between surrounding slopes. And from Pupnat, we’ll climb 160 metres… here the view sweeps round from the western indented end of the Pelješac Peninsula, past Korčula’s Archipelago and Mljet, to take in Lastovo’s Archipelago to the south. The word “paradise” springs to mind… Wow!

Fairytale landscape

And now, let’s head for the Koče fairyland! We’ll take the wide Napoleonic Road winding gradually down alongside vineyards and olive groves. Oops, it’s not shaded at all. Thus a total contrast to the fairyland. We’ll be needing one and half hours to finally enter the magic of the fairyland. The first omen of what’s to come will be… moss! All of a sudden, we’ll be walking on a mossy path amid a thick forest. It’s so calm, different, slightly wet! How is it possible? Out of nowhere, we’ll find ourselves in an exotic place bursting with energy. Everything in sight is huge. Look at those ivy plants! Massive blocks of the dolomitic rock rear several metres towards the sky. And in the rocks, you can see large holes, even real caves. They’ve been eroded by the humidity. The shapes the rocks take on are truly astonishing. We are in the heart of a labyrinth of paths and narrow passages between rocks. Are you game? The legend has it that this glade is the favourite place for fairy dances…

Korčula Town – a perfect finish for this hike

After a relaxing break in the Koče fairyland, we’ll continue towards Žrnovo village, spread out on several hills. Soon the view opens up over the blue channel between the mainland and the island. The last part of our hiking tour includes a smooth descent to Korčula Town, each step of the way offering absolutely breathtaking views…

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