Korčula – Give it a Hug
6 km

This is the must-see running tour of Korčula.

If you are dreaming about running in Korčula, we know exactly how to get Korčula into your legs and your heart! You will run through the Old Town, around the Old Town, and within a short distance from the Old Town – all with some of the most gorgeous perspectives of the Old Town – as if you’re hugging Korčula.

600,00 HRK (80 €) base price + 75,00 HRK (10 €) per person


Duration & Pace:
1h30 / individual

Difficulty & Distance:
6 km

What to bring: running gear & water

Start time:
every day at any time

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian

Included: pressed orange juice, a smiling running guide & commentary

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the run.


When God got around to distributing beauty, Korčula was strewn with it!

This running tour starts from the western waterfront of the Old Town. First, we’ll run in the direction of the forest, climbing gradually above sea level. You’ll be asking for a photo break before you can even get into your stride. Please, help yourself – the Old Town, situated on a tiny hump of land, seems to float in the channel. We’ll pass the Dominican Monastery, and enter into the serene green of the pine trees and the Mediterranean undergrowth. The road is meandering. In a short while, the Old Town will come again into view. Mamma mia, when God got around to distributing beauty, Korčula was strewn with it!

In times past, Korčula formed part of the Republic of Venice. On this tour, you’ll learn about the strategic position of the town, and why Venice did all it could to fortify and defend its stronghold here.

And now, it’s time for climbing. We’ll climb two little hills (there is always a reason why), but don’t worry – if we can do it, you surely can too! On the top of the first hill, there is a round tower built at the beginning of the 19th century by the British. On the top of the second hill, there is… well, you’ll see. After two hills, we’ll fly downhill, running on a smooth dirt road…

Running Marco Polo’s birthplace

The last part of our Korčula running tour is running through the streets laid out in the shape of a fish bone. The Old Town and the fish skeleton have something in common. This really is fun! We guarantee you an experience you won’t get every day, fun and joy which will grip you for days…

Marco Polo? Of course, we’ll stop in front of the birthplace of Marco Polo. If you don’t believe that he was born here, it’s fine by us. After our story, you’ll believe it anyway!

On our many short stops along this running tour, we’ll share with you a lot of stories about the history and the architecture of the town, stone masonry, shipbuilding, fishing, local life and customs…

Put Korčula into your legs, and give it a hug!

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