Mali Ston Oyster Tour

This tour is all about Mali Ston, a little town situated at the very beginning of the Pelješac Peninsula.

The town climbs the northern slope of the Pozvizd Hill, squeezed within rectangular walls. Laid out in a grid pattern, with a tiny, lovely port facing the Mali Ston Bay, the town has a reputation as a perfect venue for a romantic weekend escape.

Firstly, we’ll explore the town – it’s so small you have to try hard to get lost. Then, we’ll explore the Mali Ston Bay, famous for its oyster farms.

750,00 HRK (100 €) base price + 525,00 HRK (70 €) per person


1,5 hours

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
any time

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to Villa Koruna restaurant

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: guiding services, private boat ride + tasting of the Ston oyster + wine

A Lilliputian town in the shape of a trapezium

On our Ston Oyster Tour, we’ll take you along narrow, steep streets, explaining the shape and the construction of the town.

You’ll see old houses pressed tightly against one another, and the Koruna Fortress, perching above like a crown.

You’ll love the round Toljevac Tower which protected the Port Gate.

You’ll take a photo of a breakwater, similar to that one in Dubrovnik Old Port.

We’ll show you the former arsenal and the building in which the salt was stored…

A-Ston-ishing oyster taste

For the gastronomic part of our Ston Oyster Tour, we’ll take a boat to drift amongst the oyster beds, identified by their wooden baskets.

Then, we’ll stop and simply pluck the oysters out of the water. Wow! Of course, we’ll allow ourselves the pleasure of tasting them! But not without a sip of some great wine. Where do you hide your glass?

Please, use your imagination for a second! You are sitting in a small boat, in the middle of the long narrow Mali Ston Bay, with rare oysters and delicious wine in your hand… Yes, you won’t want to leave this place. And the rest is history.




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