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This tour will give you the answers to all the questions that you may ever have about Ston.

First, you’ll find out how the town is organized, and what the street layout looks like, then, you’ll discover all the major sights, including the town’s fortifications, and finally, you’ll visit the salt marshes. A tour not to be taken with a pinch of salt.

675,00 HRK (90 €) base price + 45,00 HRK (6 €) per person

1,5 hour

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
any time

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Ston Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: guiding services, entrance ticket to the Ston salt marshes

Within the town’s walls

During the days of the Dubrovnik Republic, Ston was completely encircled by imposing walls. In the late 19th century, the eastern wall was demolished. Today the main road passes along the ancient moat, and you’ll see the car park occupying the place of a missing wall. Our tour starts right from here, with the view over a nonexistent eastern wall. Yes, we need you to use a little bit of imagination. Look! This is a missing gate with a missing drawbridge in a missing wall! Let’s enter and pass a guard-house. It exists, but today it’s a restaurant.

We’ll take you through a tight gridiron of narrow streets, dotted with Gothic and Renaissance houses. You’ll see St. Blaise’s Church, the 16th century Fountain, the Rector’s Palace, the Bishop’s Palace, the Chancellery building, the Church of the Name of Jesus, and the Franciscan Monastery with St. Nicholas’s Church. As we stroll, we’ll trace little by little the history of the Pelješac Peninsula, placing emphasis on Ston and its strategic position. You’ll ask yourself: “But how did the Dubrovnik Republic manage to conquer this land?” Our reply: “Dubrovnik was a trader, not a conqueror…”

Around the town’s walls

Our Ston walking tour continues outside the town’s walls. We’ll pass through the Big Gate above which stands a bust of Saint Blaise, and we’ll walk along the moat beneath the southern wall. You’ll see the strongest fortress, Veliki Kaštio, which once housed an armoury, and a grain store. Further on, we’ll start to walk away from the town, gaining distance in order to get a perspective on the shape of the town, and the walls clambering up the hill…

The salt marshes

The salt marshes resemble a chessboard. We will walk along square and shallow pools in which seawater is captured. In the hot summer sun, the seawater evaporates, and salt is left behind. Salt is a miracle of nature. Here, to produce salt, you need just three ingredients: sea, sun and wind. The eight crystallization pools in Ston wear the names of the saints: Francis, Nicholas, Balthazar…

Ston is a town which seduces with its natural calm, distinctive charm, and its simplicity. It’s also a town which prefers to stay modest, no matter what brilliant history it hides deep inside. This tour will make you crazy about Ston, leaving you shouting out loud: Wow!

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