Mount Srđ


On this hiking tour we will take you 412 metres above Dubrovnik Old Town.

Dubrovnik is the jewel in Croatia’s crown. Imagine what that jewel would look like in the palm of your hand! Yes, it would shine. Your eyes too. That is exactly what happens when you look at Dubrovnik from the top of Mount Srđ. Enticing enough?

1.050,00 HRK (140 €) base price + 75,00 HRK (10 €) per person

Duration & Difficulty:
3 h / moderate

5 km

What to bring: hiking shoes & water

Start time:
every day at any time

Meeting Point: Pile, Brsalje 5, in front of the main entrance to the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian


Included: guiding services

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the hike.
• Hiking sticks are available at no extra cost.


Dubrovnik hiking tour
A green name for a white town
St. Srđ Mountain towers above the Old Town as a natural rampart, offering bird’s-eye views of the walled town below, the coastline and the endless blue sea. In times past, it was covered with an oak forest called dubrava, hence the name Dubrovnik. In other words, the green wooded hillsides gave the name to Dubrovnik, in spite of the white stone from which it was built.

If you are strolling right now through the Old Town, just look upwards, to the north, and you will lay eyes on a rocky St. Srđ Mountain, with the Imperial Fort on the top. Admit it, you can’t wait to look at Dubrovnik from there! The question is, should you take a cable car, a taxi, or use your two feet. Whatever. But if you want to have fun with us, please choose an active way up.

The way of the cross

This Dubrovnik hiking tour starts at Pile Gate. Firstly, we have to pass through a maze of narrow streets filled with steep steps. Are you game for it? You’ll discover a lovely residential area without cars. Then, we’ll cross the main road above the town, and start to walk up on a serpentine trail. The first part of the trail passes through a Mediterranean underbrush. Further on, we will be exposed to the sun with large loose stones under our feet. The trail zigzags, and at the end of each zigzag, there are panels depicting the Stations of the Cross. As the trail gains height, the view opens up. Just, wow!

Dubrovnik hiking tour - Srđ R
From above
On the top, we’ll find the military stronghold of Fort Imperial. It was built in the early 19th century by Napoleon’s troops, and today it houses the Museum of the Croatian War of Independence. There is also the Panorama restaurant which wears its name perfectly. Everywhere you look, a stunning, panoramic view stretches as far as it’s possible. And below, a beloved walled city basks in the sun. Mamma mia, here the beauty reaches its apogee!

On the way down

To descend, we’ll make a loop. There is another trail to the east, but before we reach it, we have to walk a little bit along the road which leads to the Bosanka hamlet. Then, further on, a narrow path continues towards the town. We’ll be rewarded again with a magnificent view…

On this Dubrovnik hiking tour, we’ll trace the key elements of Dubrovnik history, especially Dubrovnik in the Croatian War of Independence, we’ll take a ton of amazing pictures, and we’ll also exercise our leg muscles.

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