Green, Blue & From Above
16 km

This running tour will show you the true colours of Dubrovnik.
You’ll cross most parts of the town understanding the local mentality, their everyday lives, and their values. The tour spans 16 kilometres, but there are at least 16 absolutely incredible views that will reward your run and fix a smile on your face. Come on, we challenge you to put Dubrovnik into your legs…

1.050,00 HRK (140 €) base price + 330,00 HRK (44 €) per person

Duration & Pace: 2,5 h / individual
Difficulty & Distance: moderate, 16 km
What to bring: running gear & water

Start time:
every day, from April to November at 6 am at the latest, from November to April between 6 am and 1 pm

Meeting Point: The Franjo Tuđman Bridge, 20236 Lozica
Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian

Included: pressed orange juice, entrance fee to the Dubrovnik City Walls, a smiling running guide & commentary

Not included:
  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the run.


Let’s be a local in Dubrovnik!

This is our Big Brother tour – it embraces the whole town, goes into the secret corners that others ignore, and you’ll get to know all the latest local gossip. On this running tour you will see, hear and feel what it’s like to be a local in Dubrovnik. When in Dubrovnik, well, you are far enough from Rome…

Running Gruž Harbour

This running tour starts at the Dubrovnik Bridge. From here you can enjoy the view over Gruž harbour and the Elaphite Archipelago. 52 metres above sea level, the bridge stretches 518 metres across a flooded river valley. Let’s cross the bridge, and explore Gruž harbour. We’ll pass big cruise liners, the ferry terminal, and the bustling Gruž market where early in the morning the locals arrive to search for the best fruit, vegetables and of course, fish, especially on Fridays. Gruž is the working part of the town, though the views across the harbour, with the little yachts and graceful former summer palaces on the both banks are just amazing.

Our run continues on the opposite bank where the new marina is located. Further on, there’s a narrow path which goes around a small peninsula connecting beaches that you might dream about. There’s a beach-dream of every dog – reserved for dogs. Yes, indeed, it’s a dog’s life here.

What is the most popular sport in Dubrovnik?

After the crystal clear blue Adriatic Sea, we’ll change to the green of pine trees and Mediterranean shrubs in the park-forest of Velika and Mala Petka. There we’ll run on quiet trails, or, if it’s summer, not so quiet – you’ll hear the sound that cicadas make, you know, like a song, but in fact that insect is just rubbing its legs together.

On this running tour you’ll find out in which bars the locals hang out, what they can study at the University, and why men in Dubrovnik have the upper body strength of Superman. Sorry, but it’s not due to running.

Running the City Walls

The cool down of this running tour is walking Dubrovnik City Walls. You’ll climb steep stairs and wriggle through the ancient fortifications, all with a view over terracotta tiles and the Adriatic Sea. The City Walls completely encircle the Old Town. Their total length is 1,940 metres. As the path around the wall is narrow in places, it’s more than likely someone will slow down your progress. So what? Take a deep breath, you are on the top of the world…

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