Korčula Island
what’s life if not a fantasy

Not much can compete with nature. But Korčula can.

Korčula is a wonderful town on a wonderful island, perfect for a wonderful life. Or for a few wonderful days! You’ll be delighted by its simplicity, its gracefulness and its compactness. The sea here is warm, the sun is big, the beaches are calming, and there are around six for every inhabitant! You’ll drink indigenous wines, eat home-made food, cook the Žrnovo macaronis, visit Korčula’s Achipelago, make tea with olive leaves, taste traditional sweet pastries, walk through a pine forest, and to top it all – you’ll end up restored by our honey!

guided private trip


4 nights in private accommodation

Meeting point:
Korčula Town


any dates up to the 30th November 2021



This package starts with your arrival in Korčula Town and finishes with your departure from Korčula Town. Please note that we offer optional transfers from Dubrovnik or Split Airport, as well as pre- and post-trip optional extensions on all our package holidays.

This package includes 4 nights in private accomodation in the heart of Korčula Town:




All prices are per person.

Prices for the early or late season 2021:

PACKAGE 1.: 6.225,00 HRK (830 €)
PACKAGE 3.: 6.570,00 HRK (876 €)
PACKAGE 5.: 5.820,00 HRK (776 €)
PACKAGE 7.: 5.970,00 HRK (796 €)

Prices from the 1st July to the 31st August 2021:

PACKAGE 2.: 6.600,00 HRK (880 €)
PACKAGE 4.: 7.177,50 HRK (957 €)
PACKAGE 6.: 6.405,00 HRK (854 €)
PACKAGE 8.: 6.570,00 HRK (876 €)


Please advise us how and at what time you’ll arrive, and we will meet you at the agreed place in Korčula Town. Upon arrival, you’ll check into your comfortable private accommodation, followed by some free time. In the evening, we’ll guide you to a restaurant in the Old Town where you’ll savour the first of many delicious meals that Korčula has to offer.

After breakfast, you’ll hook up with a local guide on a short hike around Korčula Town – our ‘Healing Nature Tour’. You’ll discover Korčula’s pine forest, with its Mediterranean undergrowth, plenty of gorgeous views over the Old Town, and at the end, you’ll meet a local beekeeper. After honey tasting, we’ll walk back to the town’s centre for a homely lunch. Later, in the afternoon, we’ll take a guided walking tour through the medieval streets of the Old Town which are laid out in a fishbone pattern. Marco Polo? Of course, you’ll see the birthplace of Marco Polo. If you don’t believe that he was born here, it’s fine by us. After you hear the story from your local guide, you’ll believe it anyway! The walking tour will end with some traditional sweet pastries tasting. The remainder of the day is at your own leisure.

Breakfast today prepares you for a full-day island tour with a local guide. Firstly, you’ll be transferred to the village of Žrnovo, which consists of four hamlets that are organised around cultivation plots. Your guide will take you along the stone-paved, stepped alleyways squeezed between old stone houses, and then, you’ll have a cooking class on how to prepare the Žrnovo macaronis. First, a short demonstration of how to shape the macaronis, then it’s time to put your apron on! After this hands-on cooking class, you’ll have your lunch, by which we mean, the one you have just cooked! In the afternoon, you’ll discover the west part of the island where you’ll first do some olive oil tasting, followed by some Pošip wine tasting. Full of joy, you’ll return to Korčula Town where the remainder of the day is at your own leisure.

After breakfast, you’ll embark with a local fisherman on a half-day boat excursion to visit Korčula’s Archipelago. You’ll stop at several islets, you’ll fish, swim, and sunbathe. Lunch will be served on the boat and then we’ll return to Korčula Town where the afternoon is at your own leisure. In the evening, there’s a short transfer to a rustic tavern outside the town for a finger-licking good dinner.

After breakfast, sadly, it’s time to check out and say our farewells. We’ll walk you to the ferry, catamaran or bus, and wish you a pleasant trip. As you start to leave the island behind, the view of Korčula Town will open up, and we’re sure you’ll want to turn around and come back, there and then…


Please only pay the deposit when you have been invited to do so by Travel Matters – putovanja na šestu. Please note that normally the deposit is non-refundable. But things can change these days, and the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not a normal thing. So, we ask you to pay the deposit as normal at the time of booking, but now the deposit is fully refundable in the event of COVID-19 complications.

DEPOSIT: 20% of the quoted price – at the time of booking
BALANCE DUE – 60 days before the date of your trip

The balance due should be made at least 60 days prior to departure, unless you are making a late booking.
The latest notification containing the names and the contacts of your local guides will be sent to you 6 days before the start of your trip.

If you have to cancel your trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if we have to cancel your trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t worry, please stay home, take care, and you’ll receive a full, immediate refund.
We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you get to take your trip and that we get to welcome you here.

When we receive your booking form we will check the availability of your package and your party details with you. Your booking is confirmed by us on receipt of the deposit. The confirmation of your booking constitutes a contract, which is your commitment to pay for the whole package. The price quoted at the time of booking is guaranteed for your departure date and is inclusive of tax and delivery costs. Should you wish to cancel your trip for reasons other than the COVID-19 pandemic, you may do so by writing to us. If you cancel, you will be liable to pay the following fees: 15 days to 29 days before your trip starts – 50% of the total price; 0 days to 14 days before your trip starts – 100% of the total price.

BOOKING FOR THE PACKAGE ‘KORČULA ISLAND’ CLOSES ON 1st JUNE 2021. (or before if all accommodation capacity has been booked).

Paket aranžman Korčula - Travel matters

This package includes short stories

‘The Story of the Unknown Island’ is about a man who knocked at the king’s door and said:
– “Give me a boat!”
– “What for?” – the king asked.
– “To go in search of the unknown island.”
– “Ha-ha!” – the king laughed. “There are no unknown island left. They are all on the map.”
Later on, the king gave him a boat, and the man discovered Korčula Island.


• 4 nights with breakfast in private accommodation in the heart of Korčula Town
• 3 lunches + 2 dinners
• local English-speaking guide for the sightseeing tour in Korčula
• traditional sweet pastries tasting
• entrance ticket to All Saints’ Brotherhood
• hike of three hours’ duration: ‘Healing Nature Tour’
• honey tasting
• full-day island tour with a local English-speaking guide
• cooking class on how to prepare the Žrnovo macaronis
• wine tasting
• olive oil tasting
• half-day boat excursion
• assistance service on your arrival and departure


• flights or other transport from your home base to Korčula Town and the return
• drinks with the included meals
• lunch on day 1 and day 5
• dinner on day 2 and day 3
• entrance fees which are not stated as included
• personal expenses
• insurance policy

Korčula is not a miniature Dubrovnik

The historical nucleus of Korčula Town sits on a tiny promontory jutting out into the Pelješac Channel. A recurring arrangement of two houses, one street, two houses, one street… stamps a pattern of the town. Towards the west, the straight streets plunge down to the sea, whilst towards the east, they are curved to protect the town from winds. Planning wise, it’s all about the streets being laid out in a fishbone design. Carved out of local limestone, mostly in the 15th and 16th centuries, the Old Town is a harmonious example of the Gothic-Renaissance whole. The most marvellous creation of that period is St. Mark’s Cathedral which rises on the highest point of the promontory…
When you walk through the town, masterfully chiselled elements of architectural decoration are watching you wherever you look – coats of arms of local noble families, human figures, mascarons with bulging eyes… In other words, the fantastical world of medieval bestiaries populates Korčula’s facades, balconies, doorposts…
In times past, located as it was, in a strategic position, and encircled by high walls, Korčula soon grew into a medieval town affording pleasant living, whilst developing stonemasonry, shipbuilding and commerce. Today there is a promenade that stretches all along the perimeter of the ancient walls, with wonderful views over the sea and Korčula’s Archipelago. Here you’ll walk, and then sit in the shade. We’ll explain how Korčula formed part of the Republic of Venice, and how Marco Polo, a celebrated Venetian, came to be born in Korčula. You may not believe it. It’s all right. Once you hear our story, you’ll change your mind.

The ancient Greek name for Korčula Island was Korkyra Melaina – Black

In the 4th century BC the Greeks founded their colony on Korčula Island regaling it with the epithet ‘black’ – after its luxuriant coniferous forest. The island is still thickly forested with Mediterranean vegetation today.
This package includes our ‘Healing Nature Tour’, a hike through a forest with gorgeous views over the Old Town. You’ll bond with nature, you’ll intoxicate yourself with oxygen, and you’ll do something that your health will thank you for. The hike is not demanding, and it will be led by a tourist guide who is a nature enthusiast. In the forest, on a hill, you’ll be surprised by the round Forteca tower, built at the beginning of the 19th century by the British. It was constructed on the model of the towers of Corsica. A little further on, you’ll discover Naplov, a clearing formely used for collecting rainwater. The 101 step ascent to St. Antony Hill, is lined with cypresses, and will reward you with a beautiful view over Korčula’s Archipelago. The icing, or rather the honey on the cake will be meeting a local beekeeper, where you’ll peek into a full beehive, and hear about the sweet curiosities of the bees’ life. Of course, you’ll get to know how honey is made, what propolis is, and who royal jelly is produced for…

Paket aranžman Korčula - Vinogradi Pošipa

Korčula’s wines will give you wings

Pošip wine is the first white wine in Croatia allocated a denomination of origin. It is made from a native grape variety of the same name, which is grown in Korčula’s vineyards in the villages of Čara and Smokvica. In other words, Pošip is Korčulan.
This package includes a full-day island tour with a local tourist guide. You’ll meet Korčula’s winemakers, you’ll learn about the regulations laid down in the Statute of the Town and the Island, which were made to protect the island’s viticulture, you’ll get to know what makes Korčula’s wines special, and finally you’ll enjoy their characteristic tastes.
In the village of Žrnovo, you’ll have a cooking class on how to prepare the Žrnovo macaronis, an authentic dish that was awarded the ‘Croatian Island Product’ label. In other words, you’ll learn how to cook a local speciality which was served in the past only for special occasions. We’ll show you how to make the dough and how to roll out the macaronis, and then… roll your sleeves up!
After lunch, we’ll take you to famous and not so famous coves, we’ll show you pebbly and sandy beaches, you’ll see where we play football, and what the pitch for the game of boules looks like…
At the western end of the island, you’ll find out that the streets don’t have names, and that Vela Luka is the birthplace of Oliver Dragojević, the biggest of the biggest singers in the world. Never mind if you’ve never heard his songs. We all know every one of them off by heart…
Finally, we’ll take you to the olive oil tasting and you’ll sample some salted fish.
After you get to know the whole of Korčula Island, you’ll come to the conclusion that the best thing about Korčula is the Korčulans themselves.

Paket aranžman Korčula - Otok Vrnik

If you want to see an island, you have to leave it

The name we gave to Korčula’s Archipelago, a group of nineteen islets that lie in the Pelješac Channel, is Škoji – in the plural. Škoj – in the singular, is Vrnik, the only inhabited islet. The residents of Škoj are called Škojari. One hundred and fifty years ago, a census recorded one hundred and seventy residents on Škoj. They even had a school. Forty years ago, there were fifty five residents. Today there are just three.
This package includes a private boat for the visit around Korčula’s Archipelago. You’ll navigate amongst islets and feel like a true sea dog. You’ll see abandoned quarries where in the past stone was quarried for the construction of Korčula and Dubrovnik. You’ll put ashore on Badija, the largest islet in Croatia. You’ll swim, dive, and cast a fishing line. Have you ever had lunch on boat? With us, you will.
And keeping the best until last – Korčula has its own sweet delights called Klašuni. Their filling contains all the island’s richness of flavour. You’ll taste them! We’ll take you to the local patisserie, you’ll meet a local pastry chef, and you’ll relish sampling all the cakes there.

Paket aranžman Korčula - pogled iz zraka

Six reasons why you should choose this trip

1. You’ll heal your heart, your body and your soul, away from everything and everyone. Korčula has never been an over-publicised holiday destination.
2. You’ll get rid of any doubts about Marco Polo. He really was not from China.
3. You’ll get to know Korčula as it is, without embellishment. And you are bound to conclude that it couldn’t be more beautiful. You know the story – when God was walking around carrying a bag full of beauty, the bag suddenly got torn, and Korčula was covered in the contents.
4. You’ll stop saying that Korčula is Dubrovnik on a smaller scale. The resemblance is obvious, but that’s because Dubrovnik was built with the stone from Korčula. What’s more, master stonemasons from Korčula had a hand in the construction of Dubrovnik. So, if you like to make comparisons, and you like to be precise, it’s better to say that Dubrovnik is Korčula on a larger scale.
5. We’ve reserved a table for you in hand-picked restaurants and taverns. The package includes home-made food. You can choose between meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan menus. We catch fish ourselves, we make olive oil, we grow our own vegetables, and we’re not boasting, but it’s true – we cook with love.
6. It’s up to you to choose the dates of your trip, and we’ll organise each and every trip individually. This is your private package, in other words, we do not merge groups in any parts of the package. Or, let’s put it like this – you’ll have local guides all to yourself.

Paket aranžman Korčula - ispod šetnice

Hotels on this trip are not hotels

This package holiday includes 4 nights with breakfast in private accommodation in the centre of Korčula Town. By ‘centre’ we mean a maximum ten minutes on foot from the historic nucleus of the town, and a stone’s throw away from the sea. In Korčula Town, you’ll find all facilities at hand, and if you are planning to come by car, the whole island will be within your reach.
For accommodation, you can choose between a private room for 2 people, a private apartment for 2 people, a private apartment for 3 people and a private apartment for 4 people. All units are categorised 3*, fully furnished, modern, comfortable and pleasantly decorated. Rooms include an electric kettle for heating water, while apartments have a well furnished kitchen that gives you the option of eating in. Also, you’ll have your own entrance and free WiFi. Some units include a parking place. Please advise us at the time of booking whether you’ll need a parking place or not. We’ll send you a detailed description and photos of your hotel that is not a hotel.
Whenever you come, you will be more than welcome!

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