Korčula In a Cooking Pot

On this tour, we will make no secret of our warm hospitality and our mouth-watering dishes. To be honest, you will never have eaten such delicious food in your life.

Let’s scratch beneath the surface! The concept is quite simple – you visit a local family, they cook for you, and you connect with local culture through food. In other words, you’ll interact with the locals, you’ll dine with them in their house, you’ll find out about their way of life, you’ll experience the joy of home-cooked meals, and you’ll end up pretty sure that you’ve just found your second home.

1.050,00 kn (140 €) base price + 345,00 kn (46 €) per person


2h 30min

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
18:30 pm

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: private transportation, homely dinner, home-made wine

Private Korčula Excursion

Meet your gourmet cook

There’s something very special with the experience of sharing a meal with people that you’ve never met before. Because the food is a universal social language. Maybe your hosts will not speak a perfect English, but their meals will be cooked to perfection. Maybe they will fumble for the right words, or maybe even your conversation will flow smoothly. It doesn’t matter! It’s not just in words. It’s also in food! And it’s in the body language too. For example, a high five. A smile. A pat on the back. Speak from your heart! Are you open to new experiences? What’s more, it’s a two-way experience. Your hosts will also have a chance to gain new insights from interacting with you.

Sample menu

Please note that the menus vary according to seasonal availability. Here is a sample menu to give you a rough idea of the dishes your hosts will cook:

– octopus salad made from octopus, onion and parsley, dressed with olive oil and vinegar
– brodet – a mixed fish stew made with all sorts of seafood and fish, cooked with wine, and served with polenta
– fritule – a dessert that looks like delicious, warm, mini doughnuts

If there are particular dishes you are interested in trying, please include your request in the booking form.

Private Korčula Excursion

The etiquette of local social dining

There are of course some cultural norms that you should be aware of:

– wear what you would wear when visiting friends
– don’t go empty-handed – instead, bring a bottle of wine, chocolates, or something from your own country
– arrive on time for dinner
– a few compliments about the home or the table setting are always good to break the ice
– don’t be shy to ask questions about what you’re eating
– take part in the conversation
– be careful with alcohol, don’t go overboard
– show a keen interest in real local life and the places that only the locals know about
– leave when it’s time to leave – for your hosts, it might already be very late

Feel like at home

During this relaxing dining experience at the home of a local family, you’ll delve deep into local life, you’ll try genuine, home-cooked food, and you’ll discover that we’re awesomely good eaters.
Maybe you’ll choose this tour for the food, but beware, you might leave with new relatives!

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