Off the Beaten Track

On this island tour, we will take you to some gorgeous spots the locals like to keep for themselves.

More people have reached the highest point on Earth than this part of Korčula Island. Well, we’re kidding, but only just! We know where to go to escape the crowds, and we are keen to show you a lesser known part of the island. Be prepared for nearly empty beaches and incredibly gorgeous scenery.

1.650,00 HRK (220 €) base price + 495,00 HRK (66 €) per person


3h 30min

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
11:00 am

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office


Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: private transportation, guiding services, homely lunch

Island tour Korčula

Let’s hit the road, literally

Firstly, we’ll be transferred to the village of Žrnovo, spread out over several hills, in the vicinity of Korčula Town. From here, we’ll turn up a narrow road which will soon become a very rough track barely passable in a regular car. Say hello to bumps. But don’t worry, our driver knows this road by heart. It won’t be long before he pulls over, and we’ll step from the car to enjoy the full panoramic view. If you look backwards – a rugged hill with dry stone walls, if you look downwards – a captivatingly beautiful coastline, and now take a look ahead – the shimmering blue of the Adriatic Sea and Lastovo Island away to the south.

Fairytale coves

The slope where we are standing right now seems to plunge down to the sea. Just below lies a jagged southern shore with its hidden coves. We’ll continue driving towards the sea in order to check out some of the most beautiful beaches the locals don’t want you to visit. We’re going to tell you about them anyway.

Island Tour Korčula

Our little slice of heaven

The dirt road meanders descending gradually to the coast. We’re approaching an amazing cove, protected from all winds, with the turquoise sea and a lovely pebble beach. Sounds perfect? But there’s a catch. The beach is inaccessible by car, so you’ll have to make a ten-minute trek from the road. Come on, it’s definitely worth walking! It’s our little slice of heaven, and your best bet for basking in the sun and chilling out in paradise. Of course, you can jump into the sea and swim for as long as you want…

A finger-licking good lunch

After taking in the salty sea air and stretching out on the beach, we’ll have a finger-licking good lunch in a tavern you’ll never guess where it is. Firstly, we have to retrace our steps to the car, and then we’ll drive along a wild stretch of coast and a little bit uphill towards a small property with a big view across to Lastovo Island. You’ll meet a local family that grows their own vegetables, makes their own olive oil and cultivates vineyards. Their place is stunning! We’ll sit on the terrace, with a nice breeze, away from the rest of the world, and enjoy locally grown food prepared in a traditional way. Did we just hear you ask: ‘Can I move in here?’

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