Korčula Speedboat Tour

If you really want to see an island, you have to leave it. Jump into the sea and swim as far as you can…

…or join us on our Korčula speedboat tour, and we will show you a group of islands.

Korčula’s archipelago numbers nineteen islets: Badija, Planjak, Kamenjak, Vrnik, Gubavac, Sutvara, Majsan, Stupe, Sestrice… Can you repeat these names, please? They lie close to the Old Town, to the east, strewn like pearls from a divine bracelet.

3.975,00 HRK (530 €) base price + 90,00 HRK (12 €) per person

2 hours

Tour days:
every day

Not included: insurance policy

Start time:
any time

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Croatian


Included: guiding services, private speedboat ride

Speedboat ride offers stunning sights

The biggest pearl is Badija with an area of 0.97 km². Vrnik is world-renowned for the quality of its limestone. On Majsan a church was built in the 5th century, which is the first evidence of Christianity here. And Sestrica is easily recognisable thanks to the lighthouse which occupies almost the whole islet…

Firstly, we’ll sail around the photogenic Old Town. Then, we’ll move slowly away from the shore, and you’ll catch all the distinctive features of the town: the bell tower of the cathedral, the remains of the walls built on the rugged rocks, the round towers, the shape of the promontory… And now, let’s see what our speedboat is capable of! We guarantee you an experience you won’t get every day. By the way, sorry about your hairdo…

We will crash through the waves as we navigate amongst the islets. The azure blue sea, hot sun, pebble beaches, rocks – this is how we imagine paradise!

Korčula speedboat tour

Three jewels of Korčula’s archipelago

The first stop of our Korčula speedboat tour will be on Vrnik – the only inhabited islet. The population stands at around three people. They don’t have cars in the garage. They don’t even have a garage. They have boats. We’ll stroll a little bit, trying to figure out what the life looked like here at the beginning of the 20th century, when the islet had a school. We’ll also walk into one of islet’s quarries. In times past, stone was quarried here…

Our second stop will be on Badija. Here, you’ll find a Franciscan Monastery from the 15th century, and deer which roam freely, wagging their tails in greeting when someone shows up…

Our third stop will be on Stupe, a popular swimming and relaxation spot, where you can find a restaurant, lounge, cocktail bar, pebble beach, and reefs that mesmerise mermaids…

Go prepared to stay longer. Pack whatever you want: clothes, towel, book… After our tour, you don’t have to return to Korčula immediately. You can stay longer, jump into the sea and sunbathe. We’ll give you a return boat ticket and you can spend as much time as you want on a ‘you, me and the sea’ kind of date.

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