Mljet Island
the return to paradise

Mljet is an island where it’s possible to listen to the silence. And everything there is green – the forest, the sea… and the silence.

The western part of Mljet Island, which was declared a national park in 1960, takes most of the credit for the island being dubbed the ‘green island’. 90% of the total land area of the park is covered in forests of holm oaks and Aleppo pines. Thus, on this island, there is no lack of shade. You’ll sleep a stone’s throw away from the sea, within the national park, you’ll eat freshly prepared local food, you’ll have a swim in the green lakes, you’ll take a boat ride and feel as if you’re sailing through a forest, and what’s more – we’ll take you to the place from where the vistas give a hug to the whole of paradise!
By the way, on Mljet Island it takes the whole year for summer to end, and then it just starts again since it never ends in the first place. In other words, Mljet’s summer is a stunner.

guided private trip


4 nights in private accommodation

Meeting point:


any dates up to the 30th November 2021

Paket aranžman Mljet - otočić sv. Marije



This package starts with your arrival in Pomena, a tiny hamlet at the western tip of Mljet Island, and finishes with your departure from Pomena. Please note that we offer optional transfers from Dubrovnik or Split Airport, as well as pre- and post-trip optional extensions on all our package holidays.

This package includes 4 nights in private accomodation in the heart of Mljet National Park:




All prices are per person.

Prices for the early or late season 2021:

PACKAGE 1.: 4.192,50 HRK (559 €)
PACKAGE 3.: 4.365,00 HRK (582 €)
PACKAGE 5.: 4.395,00 HRK (586 €)
PACKAGE 7.: 4.200,00 HRK (560 €)

Prices from the 1st July to the 31st August 2021:

PACKAGE 2.: 4.717,50 HRK (629 €)
PACKAGE 4.: 4.890,00 HRK (652 €)
PACKAGE 6.: 4.920,00 HRK (656 €)
PACKAGE 8.: 4.725,00 HRK (630 €)


Please advise us how and at what time you’ll arrive, and we will meet you at the agreed place in Pomena, a tiny hamlet at the western tip of Mljet Island. Upon arrival, you’ll check into your comfortable private accommodation, followed by some free time. In the evening, in your guesthouse, you’ll savour the first of many delicious meals that Mljet Island has to offer.

After breakfast, you’ll hook up with a local guide on a hike through the national park. You’ll discover Mljet’s pine forest, with its Mediterranean undergrowth, the Great and the Small Lakes, plenty of gorgeous views from the Montokuc viewpoint, and at the end, you’ll take a boat to the St. Mary’s Islet. On this hiking tour, you’ll learn about the formation of the lakes, the cultural heritage and the history of the island. You’ll find out why they are no vipers, and why there are wild boars. And your guide will divulge the legend that the locals cherish the most. Are you all ears? In the evening, the dinner will be served in your guesthouse.

Breakfast. This day is at your own leisure. Dinner.

Breakfast. This day is at your own leisure. Dinner.

After breakfast, sadly, it’s time to check out and say our farewells. We’ll walk you to the catamaran or bus, and wish you a pleasant trip. We know that Mljet’s summer painted your heart green, but do you know that a green heart will want to come back? Take care and see you!


Please only pay the deposit when you have been invited to do so by Travel Matters – putovanja na šestu. Please note that normally the deposit is non-refundable. But things can change these days, and the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly not a normal thing. So, we ask you to pay the deposit as normal at the time of booking, but now the deposit is fully refundable in the event of COVID-19 complications.

DEPOSIT: 20% of the quoted price – at the time of booking
BALANCE DUE – 60 days before the date of your trip

The balance due should be made at least 60 days prior to departure, unless you are making a late booking.
The latest notification containing the name and the contact of your local guide will be sent to you 6 days before the start of your trip.

If you have to cancel your trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, or if we have to cancel your trip due to the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t worry, please stay home, take care, and you’ll receive a full, immediate refund.
We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you get to take your trip and that we get to welcome you here.

When we receive your booking form we will check the availability of your package and your party details with you. Your booking is confirmed by us on receipt of the deposit. The confirmation of your booking constitutes a contract, which is your commitment to pay for the whole package. The price quoted at the time of booking is guaranteed for your departure date and is inclusive of tax and delivery costs. Should you wish to cancel your trip for reasons other than the COVID-19 pandemic, you may do so by writing to us. If you cancel, you will be liable to pay the following fees: 15 days to 29 days before your trip starts – 50% of the total price; 0 days to 14 days before your trip starts – 100% of the total price.


BOOKING FOR THE PACKAGE ‘MLJET ISLAND’ CLOSES ON 1st JUNE 2021. (or before if all accommodation capacity has been booked).

Paket aranžman Mljet - priroda u nacionalnom parku

This package includes short stories

When the Roman army disembarked on Mljet Island, the Illyrians, a native population, withdrew into the island’s interior. The Roman commander, attracted by a dense forest, went for a walk, but his path soon came to an end. Surprised by the Small Lake which spread out in front of him, the commander stopped short to observe this miracle of nature. ‘Where am I?’ – he asked himself. Then, suddenly, he spotted an Aleppo pine leaning over the lake, as far as it could, its branches dangling into the water. Curious, the commander went down to the shore. He stared at the branches, and the branches stared back at him. And suddenly he noticed a nest! Seriously, a bird’s nest was nestling on one of the branches! The commander seized his sword, swung at the branch, and cut it off. Then he pulled the branch out of the water, and as the branch came out onto the shore, a beautiful conch appeared on it. The nest and the conch – the commander was delighted. Immediately he gave an order:
– Send me the fastest soldier!
The fastest soldier came, quick as a flash. The commander handed him the branch, and the words he declared at that moment still resound around Mljet today:
– Take this branch to Rome, and tell to Caesar that I’ve found paradise on Earth!


• 4 nights in private accommodation in the heart of the Mljet National Park
• 4 breakfasts + 4 dinners
• entrance tickets to the Mljet National Park
• local English-speaking guide for the Mljet National Park hiking tour
• assistance service on your arrival and departure


• flights or other transport from your home base to Pomena and the return
• drinks with the included dinners
• lunches
• personal expenses
• insurance policy

Paket aranžman Mljet - Malo jezero

Inlets or lakes

Mljet is an island with an extremely indented coastline. It stretches south of the Pelješac Peninsula, with length of 37 kilometres, whilst its average width is 3 kilometres. With such an elongated shape, it covers an area of 100 km².
The national park encompasses the western third of the island, as well as a 500 metre wide coastal belt around it. It seems as if the sea here has wormed its way into the island, and then the island captured it, creating first the Great Lake, and then the Small Lake. In other words, the Small Lake is linked to the Great Lake, and the Great Lake is linked to the open sea. The lakes are in fact karstic depressions inundated by the sea, but their landscape resembles that of lakes so much that the people called them lakes, and with good reason. So, it’s all about saltwater lakes.
Dense pine forests descend to the very shore of the lakes. When you walk around the Small Lake, you’ll have the feeling that the forest comes here to take a swim. You can make a full circle around both the lakes. There is a shady path around the Small Lake of 2600 metres in length. A wide and paved promenade, 9240 metres long, goes around the Great Lake, which is ideal for a bike ride. Let us explain better – the Great Bridge was built recently across the Soline Straits which link the Great Lake and the open sea. You’ll cross it if you want to make a full circle around the Great Lake. Just a few years ago, it wasn’t possible – there was no bridge. In 1958, the Soline Straits were enlarged and deepened to enable larger boats to pass into the Great Lake. At that moment, the old Great Bridge was demolished. The new Great Bridge saw the light of day in 2016.

Paket aranžman Mljet - pogled s Montokuca

In ancient times, the name for Mljet was Melita – a honeyed island

On Mljet Island, no remains of the Greek settlement have been found. But probably the ancient Greeks did navigate through the Mljet Channel, using the island’s coves as a shelter from adverse weather conditions. Nevertheless, we are indebted to the Greeks for the most ancient name for Mljet – Melita. Melita translates as ‘a bee’ in English, from the Greek mélitta, mélissa. Presumably, on Mljet Island, the bees have always existed, due to the luxuriant vegetation. It’s an interesting fact that the same name was given to Malta Island as well. Later, a Latin term was added to the islands’ names to make it easier to distinguish them: Melita Illyricum was used for Mljet Island, and Melita Africanum for Malta Island. Anyway, on Mljet Island you’ll find honey as a typical souvenir.
This package holiday includes a hiking tour, which is the best way to get to know the national park inside out. We’ll adapt the hike to suit your interests, but we would be the happiest guides if you agree to climb with us up the Montokuc Hill (253 m), within the national park. The path meanders through a forest, opening here and there to wonderful views. The icing on the cake – from the top, the lakes will appear as if in the palm of your hand! Probably, you will not be able to stand the view for too long – it’s simply stunning! Nature always heals us, but Mljet is too beautiful to be real! Below Montokuc lie the Soline Straits, and in the distance you’ll see the islands of Lastovo and Korčula. Also, you’ll discover how close to Mljet Island the Pelješac Peninsula stands, it seems to watch its back…
From the Montokuc viewpoint, we’ll descend to the shore of the Great Lake, and there, we’ll take a boat to St. Mary’s Islet. In the 12th century, the Benedictine Monastery was built on the islet. During the time of the Republic of Dubrovnik, the monastery was enlarged, during the time of Yugoslavia, it was turned into a hotel, and today it emerges from the green of Mljet’s vegetation as a Renaissance monumental residence…

Paket aranžman Mljet - klupa na otočiću Sv. Marije

Six reasons why you should choose this trip

1. Mljet’s shades of green will heal your heart, your body and your soul. What’s more, you’ll take a swim in a green sea! It’s warm, and due to an inflow of fresh water, it’s less salty in spring. In fact, you won’t be able to stop paddling!
2. Mljet Island numbers about one thousand inhabitants. You’ll feel as if you’re in a deserted paradise. And imagine this – distances on this island are a little bit different: 2 metres in reality seem like 200 metres in Mljet’s world.
3. The package includes home-made food. You can choose between meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan menus. We catch fish ourselves, we make olive oil, we grow our own vegetables, and we’re not boasting, but it’s true – we cook with love.
4. You’ll hike with us and you won’t get lost. We’ll adapt the hike to suit your pace and interests. We’ll show you a miracle of nature and a miracle of cultural heritage. And to top it all – we’ll regale you with stories!
5. You’ll find out what Odysseus was doing for seven years on Mljet Island. And he didn’t age a single day.
6. It’s up to you to choose the dates of your trip, and we’ll organise each and every trip individually. This is your private package, in other words, we do not merge groups in any parts of the package. Or, let’s put it like this – you’ll have a local guide just for yourself.

Paket aranžman Mljet

Hotels on this trip are not hotels

This package holiday includes 4 nights with breakfast in private accommodation in Pomena, a tiny hamlet at the western tip of Mljet Island. Pomena numbers about forty residents, but Pomena also has the only hotel on the island – the hotel Odysseus. In Pomena, you can walk from one end to the other in ten minutes. In the centre, you’ll see a waterfront on which a public catamaran ferry puts ashore to link Mljet with Dubrovnik and Korčula. In Pomena, there is a small grocery store, a souvenir shop and several restaurants. Pomena is an ideal starting point for exploring the national park. For example, to reach the Small Lake from Pomena, you’ll need ten minutes on foot.
For accommodation, you can choose between a private room for 2 people, a private apartment for 2 people, a private apartment for 3 people and a private apartment for 4 people. All units are categorised 3*, fully furnished, modern, comfortable and pleasantly decorated. Rooms include an electric kettle for heating water, while apartments have a well furnished kitchen that gives you the option of eating in. Also, you’ll have your own entrance and free WiFi. Some units include a parking place. Please advise us at the time of booking whether you’ll need a parking place or not. We’ll send you a detailed description and photos of your hotel that is not a hotel.
Whenever you come, you will be more than welcome!

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