Mljet National Park


If there is one hike that definitely has the potential to make your cherished dreams come true, it is this one! Need you ask? With us, of course!

This wonderful national park occupies the green, western third of the long and slender Mljet Island. It includes two inlets which, due to their extremely narrow links to the sea, are regarded as, and indeed are called, lakes: the Great Lake and the Small Lake. Both are encircled by footpaths, and their blue-green waters are fabulous for plunging into.

1.275,00 HRK (170 €) base price + 675,00 HRK (90 €) per person


Duration & Difficulty: 8 h / easy / moderate

16 km


What to bring: hiking gear & water


Start time: every day at 10 am

Meeting Point: in front of the main entrance to the Korčula Tourist Board Office

Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Croatian

Included: guiding services, public ferry from Korčula to Mljet, entrance ticket to the Mljet National Park, lunch box

Not included:  insurance policy

• Good physical condition is required.
• Your activity level and interests will determine the length and duration of the hike.
• Hiking sticks are available at no extra cost.
• Please advise us of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
• Vegetarian menu available.


A hike of great contrasts

We’ll walk around both lakes, we’ll climb to the highest point within the park, Montokuc, we’ll reach a viewpoint above the waves breaking on the rugged south coast, and we’ll take a boat down the Great Lake to St. Mary’s Islet which boasts the 12th century Benedictine Monastery. This is a hike marked by great contrasts – the tranquil, turquoise water of the lakes, the restless sea on the south coast; the shade of dense woodland, the brightness of hot sun-light; a panoramic view from the Montokuc summit, a close-up view of St. Mary’s Islet… If you yearn for a fairy tale hike, this is it! Let’s hit the road!

A hike of great colours

Mljet hiking tour starts from Pomena, a seaside hamlet on the western tip of the island. Firstly, we’ll walk in single file around the Small Lake. Here and there, the narrow shaded path almost touches the lake. You’ll be struck by the colour of the water! Emerald green! When have you ever seen a green sea? Exactly. When the path becomes a track, we’re on the shore of the Great Lake. It is deeper and… blue.

St. Mary’s Islet

We’ll continue along the Great Lake, and then, we’ll turn onto a path leading up to the Zakamenica viewpoint. Shortly, a charming view of St. Mary’s Islet will open up. The Benedictine Monastery stands on a serene islet. During the time of Yugoslavia, the monastery was turned into a hotel. If you want to get married, maybe this is the place for it! The Romanesque Church of St. Mary is located within the monastery… Further on, the path crosses the ridge and descends towards the open sea…

The Great Bridge

The Great Lake and the open sea meet at the Soline Straits. To pass to the other side, we’ll cross the Great Bridge. It was built recently on the site of the old one which was demolished in 1958 by Tito to enable his yacht to pass into the Great Lake. The Benedictines had a mill powered by the currents in the same place…

Montokuc – a scenic viewpoint

Our Mljet hiking tour continues in the direction of the Montokuc Hill. We’ll climb 253 metres on a lovely path which zigzags through the forest. The view from the top encompasses the whole National Park, the Pelješac Peninsula, and the islands of Korčula and Lastovo…

The last part of this tour takes in St. Mary’s Islet. Since you are already here, why not jump into the lakes?

On this hiking tour, you’ll learn about the formation of the lakes, the lush vegetation, the cultural heritage, and the history of the island. You’ll find out why Odysseus spent seven years on the island, why there are no vipers, and why there are wild boars, and finally, we’ll divulge the legend that the locals cherish the most. Are you all ears?

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